5 Things to Do that Don’t Include Your Phone

Things to Do that Don’t Include Your Phone

Heading out for a glamping adventure is a wonderful way to unwind and relax while immersed in nature and in some cases, glamping locations have access to wifi and streaming services. But what if you tried an outdoorsy getaway without spending time connected to the internet? You might find yourself connecting with nature or with […]

Glamping vs Camping: What’s the Difference and Which Is Right for You?

Glamping VS Camping: What Is the Difference

There’s something about nature that just calls to us and when we think of an outdoor getaway, that can look like unplugging and going out in the wilderness for a tranquil, leisurely paced exploration of the backwoods for a weekend. Our bodies crave going back into nature for a chance to reconnect with the earth, […]

Building the Perfect Campfire

Building the Perfect Campfire

After a day spent adventuring and exploring the great wide wilderness, nothing beats sitting back and relaxing around a campfire. Campfires are a gathering place and have been for eons, drawing people together for connection, song and storytelling around a warm, inviting flame. For some of us, the campfire is the perfect part of our […]

5 Ways to Elevate Your Glamping Experience

interior of a comfortable glamping cabin on ways to elevate your glamping experience

There’s nothing quite like the great outdoors. The benefits of spending time in nature is something we all need to incorporate more of into our lives, particularly with the bustle and demand of our modern world. If you’ve been feeling the pull to get outside but the thought of camping doesn’t excite you, have you […]

Top Family-Friendly Games and Activities to Do while Glamping

Family-friendly campfire activities to do while glamping

Going on a glamping adventure into the great outdoors with the kids is an exciting getaway, but sometimes it can feel like after all this planning, packing and commuting to the site, the kids are already saying “Mom, Dad, I’m bored” before you’re even settled. Head out on your next wilderness adventure with these top […]

A Trail Guide to Saskatchewan Landing

A Trail Guide to Saskatchewan Landing - Glamping Resorts - Featured Image

There’s something unique and breathtaking about the rolling hills and wide open skies of the prairies that you can only really understand once you’ve experienced it. Nestled in the river valley of the South Saskatchewan River is our cozy Glamping Resort, the perfect place to stay when you’re planning to explore the hiking opportunities of […]

A Quick Guide to Buffalo Pound Lake Resort

A Quick Guide to Buffalo Pound Lake Resort - Glamping Resorts - Featured Image

Situated just a twenty-minute drive northeast of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan lies the rolling, picturesque hills of Buffalo Pound Lake Provincial Park. Another twenty minutes further is the prairie lake, in close proximity to Qu’Appelle River’s headwaters, and is the gorgeous backdrop of our Buffalo Pond Lake Glamping Resort and the perfect place for your next […]

Eco-Friendly Glamping for your Romantic Getaway

Eco-Friendly Glamping for your Romantic Getaway - Glamping Resorts - Featured Image

A romantic trip with your sweetheart is sure to add some sparks to the relationship, but an eco-friendly glamping experience will do wonders for the planet in addition to your well-being! Glamping is a more luxurious version of camping and offers amenities, domestic comforts and convenience all while being more environmentally friendly. Here’s why choosing […]

A Day In Castle Provincial Park

A Day In Castle Provincial Park - Glamping Resorts - Featured Image

We are so excited about the opening of our brand new Glamping Resort in the beautiful southern Alberta mountainscape of Castle Provincial Park, just a 45-minute drive from Pincher Creek or under a three-hour drive from Calgary. Castle Provincial Park is a gem that’s often overlooked by more widely known Provincial Parks, but tucked under […]

Snap the Perfect Pic of the Night Sky or the Aurora Borealis

Snap the Perfect Pic of the Night Sky or the Aurora Borealis - Glamping Resorts - Featured Image

If you’re a stargazer, you know the perfect place to really get a good look at the celestial heavens is in the great outdoors, far from the light pollution of our populated metropolises. Even if you aren’t a stargazer, you can still appreciate the magnificence of the night sky. When you’re out glamping in comfort, […]