Top Family-Friendly Games and Activities to Do while Glamping

Family-friendly campfire activities to do while glamping

Going on a glamping adventure into the great outdoors with the kids is an exciting getaway, but sometimes it can feel like after all this planning, packing and commuting to the site, the kids are already saying “Mom, Dad, I’m bored” before you’re even settled. Head out on your next wilderness adventure with these top family-friendly games and activities to do while glamping!


Hiking, Biking and Exploring

Part of going glamping is to immerse yourself in nature and an excellent way to do that is to go hiking or biking! Glamping resorts often have their own trails or are close to local hiking trails for you to choose how challenging and how long of a hike you’d like to go on. Whether you decide to bike or hike with the kids, using a field guide or a scavenger hunt can get everyone interacting with the nature around them and looking for local flora and fauna. There are tons of printable scavenger hunts you can find online or you can make them up at home with the kids before you go! Taking a longer hike or biking excursion can also give you the excuse to pack a picnic!


Building a Campfire & Campfire Activities 

Teaching your kids how to build a campfire is a great way to bond and then make delicious treats with them after! Making a fire is a valuable skill to know and showing your kids the proper and safe way to start a fire gives you a great opportunity to instill responsibility and discuss fire safety. You can brainstorm together before your trip what sorts of materials might make good starters, such as egg cartons, cotton balls, newspaper, cardboard, etc. You can have them collect the kindling onsite too, showing them what to look for, and then start with a teepee fire built above the tinder and starter bits, slowly having them help you add fuel logs to fill out the campfire. Then you can get to work roasting hotdogs or marshmallows and singing your favourite fireside songs! You can make nearly any song a campfire song and if you happen to play guitar, this is a great time to teach your kids how to play basic tunes to sing along to! Ghost stories or word games are a great way to pass the evening until it’s time to stargaze! An overlooked activity is just simply reading aloud to your kids. Having story time every night around the fire is the perfect way to end a day of adventures.



I-spy is always a great go-to game to play on the trails or while commuting as well as two Truths and a Lie, twenty-one questions, or one-word stories. There are loads of call-and-response games, counting games or categories games to search for and you can come up with simple games together, such as picking three words that one of the kids has to work into a short, silly story. When the sun sets, there are plenty of after-dark games to play including flashlight tag, glow stick ring toss or shadow puppets in the tent before bed. Embrace the play and let your imaginations run wild!


As well as all these games and activities, at every one of our Glamping Resorts we have puzzles, board games and cards that are available to you, so don’t forget to look up some of your favourite card games, like crazy eights, go fish, slapjack, rummy or old maid! While it’s great to have lots of activities and games at your disposal, it’s also okay to let your kids be bored. Nature has a lot to offer and it might surprise you as to what they decide to do. However you decide to spend your time, we’ve got a comfortable bed for you and your family to curl up in after your eventful days. Book your next adventure with us this summer at one of our three gorgeous locations across southern Alberta and Saskatchewan!