At Glamping Resorts Ltd, true relaxation and luxury go hand in hand. Waking up refreshed in comfortable bedding that measures up to most hotels, you can trust that a stay with us will offer you quality amenities with the tranquillity and beauty of nature just outside your dome, canvas cabin, tent, premium cabin or big oak tent. Immersing yourself in the wilderness doesn’t have to be a lengthy plane ride away; find the awe of our natural world close to home. Adventure is waiting for you at our Glamping Resort locations across Southern Alberta and Saskatchewan!

Castle Provincial Park

Amongst the towering Rockies of Southern Alberta is Castle Provincial Park and tucked up next to Table Mountain, just off the waters of Beaver Mines Lake, is our newest addition to the Glamping Resorts family. This location boasts some of the most remarkable views and offers plenty of activities for solo, family and couple adventures. 

Phase 1 of Castle Provincial Park is where you can expect to sit back and relax in our domes, canvas cabins and or our new premium cabin! 

We don’t hold back when it comes to making sure you feel at home during your glamping experience. All our accommodations come with privacy, plenty of amenities and our knowledgeable onsite staff are here to answer your questions. We have big dreams for Castle Provincial Park and the future of our luxurious lakeside and mountain view lodgings. Stay tuned for updates!

There’s plenty to do at Castle Provincial Park, including numerous trails, water activities and the opportunity to unwind by the fire. Fishing, hiking, birdwatching and mountain biking are popular ways to get acquainted with nature here where the prairies and the mountains connect. Whether you’re planning a retreat for you and your sweetheart or a weekend away with the girls, the magic of the mountains is calling at glamping in Alberta.

Buffalo Pound Lake

Just over an hour’s commute from Regina or a 20-minute drive from Moose Jaw is the Provincial Park of Buffalo Pound situated around a beautiful, glacial-made prairie lake in Southern Saskatchewan. Home to some of the best views of the night sky, Buffalo Pound Lake Glamping Resort is on the Northshore of Buffalo Pound Lake and 600 acres are available for you to explore the beauty of Saskatchewan’s wilderness to your heart’s content.

Our domes are outfitted with Endy mattresses to lull you to sleep comfortably during your stay with us at Buffalo Pound and we keep temperatures in check with our AC units built into our accommodations. With so much to do while you stay with us, the last thing we want you to worry about is a good night’s sleep. Explore the 10 kilometres of trails within the resort and berry pick as much as you like. While it’s advised to try new recipes or family favourites while staying with us, we encourage you to bring your own water for cooking and drinking as the water on our Buffalo Pound Northshore Resort is not potable.

Take advantage of Buffalo Pound Provincial Park’s many trails and biking trails available, including those around Nicolle Flats Nature Area, a marshy section of the park that is the confluence of the Moose Jaw and Qu’Appelle Rivers. If you didn’t bring your bike with you and you still want to try the biking trails, be sure to check out Squirrely Putt and Play for bike rentals! There are plenty of interpretive trails and biking or hiking trails for all difficulties because though most of Saskatchewan may be flat, these hills most assuredly are not! Experience the stunning beauty that is Buffalo Pound Provincial Park!

Saskatchewan Landing

Hugging the shores of the great Saskatchewan River and on the west side of Lake Diefenbaker is the historical site of the first Metis crossing of this river, Saskatchewan Landing Provincial Park. The area is known for gorgeous sunsets and the rolling, semi-arid hills full of tough to easy trails for every kind of hiker. Our resort is fully treed and private on 5.6 acres for you to relax and take it easy in true comfort with our glamping accommodations.

Saskatchewan Landing has interpretative trails that are both beautiful and educational and several historical sites to visit, including the Goodwin House. Though it’s free admission to look through the exhibits in the house, entry into the park does require a permit. Please remember to purchase a park pass at the gates or online before you enjoy your glamping getaway!

There are plenty of water activities to keep you cool during the summer, but the beach area on the west end of the park is an ideal location for an afternoon of sunbathing in the sand. There are no lifeguards present, so please swim carefully and keep the kids close when you enjoy the water! For those looking to spend time on the water, there are boat slips and boat rentals available in the area for you to enjoy the sunshine on the water instead! Saskatchewan Landing is the home away from home you didn’t know you needed!

Reinvigorate yourself in the great outdoors of the incredible Canadian countryside without sacrificing the comfort of modern amenities. Castle Provincial Park, Buffalo Pound Lake and Saskatchewan Landing could be your next favourite place to reconnect with yourself and with nature. Book your next scenic adventure with us today and enjoy Camping Reimagined in our comfort with Glamping Resorts!

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