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Castle Provincial Park

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Less than 3 hours south of Calgary, Alberta, nestled in the shadow of Table Mountain right on the shores of Beaver Mines Lake, our new location offers the luxuriously comfortable accommodations you expect from Glamping in Alberta with immediate access to the splendour of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Our glamping resort currently offers the following accommodations: Big Oak tent, Cozy Family Dome, Waterfront Cabin, Lodge, Intrepid Bunkie.

The resort is set on 100+ acres in phases to best preserve the natural environment and ensure our guests are comfortable at every stage. Our Phase I includes canvas cabins, glamping domes, and premium cabins! Our future plans include lakefront and mountainview yurts and a lodge.

There is a public boat launch opposite the resort within the provincial park. For more information about Beaver Mines Lake, click here.

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Castle Provincial Park

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Glamping Alberta
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A dream accommodation in our domes, canvas cabins, and other unique places to stay!

Castle Provincial Park Glamping
World Class Fishing

Relax and unwind in the Crowsnest Pass with unparalleled fishing opportunities.Rainbow Trout are the main attraction in the Pass!

Glamping Alberta Canada
Hike the Crown of the Continent

With dozens of hiking trails surrounding the resort, explore this unique area where the prairies meet the mountains!

Glamping in Alberta

Nestled in the heart of Western Canada, Alberta is a massive province, nearly 3 times the size of the entire United Kingdom. Known for its breathtaking natural beauty, including rolling prairies, pristine lakes, and the stunning Rocky Mountains, Alberta has long been known by Canadians to contain some of the best nature on Earth. Relatively recently, Alberta has steadily become more and more popular amongst adventurous tourists seeking to experience the diverse and impressive landscapes that it has to offer. For locals and tourists alike seeking an unforgettable outdoor experience, glamping is becoming increasingly popular. Glamping is at the crossroads of adventure and comfort, allowing for those who choose to stay at glamping sites to fully embrace their surroundings, while still having access to amenities that are often not available on a traditional camping trip. So, what exactly makes glamping in Alberta so special?

The Wide-Reaching Beauty of Alberta

Alberta boasts a diverse range of landscapes that can serve as the backdrop for an unforgettable glamping adventure. In the west, you’ll find the world-famous Rocky Mountains, with their towering peaks, abundant and diverse wildlife, and pristine alpine lakes, some of which are brilliant turquoise. There are numerous parks that span the Rockies in Alberta, from Jasper National Park to Banff National Park, to Castle Provincial Park near the US border. Within these parks and the numerous others found in Alberta’s Rockies are a range of glamping options that allow you to wake up to the sun rising over stunning mountain vistas. Below are just some of the unique and diverse areas of Southern Alberta where glamping sites can be readily found:

Kananaskis Country

A 1-hour drive from Calgary, Kananaskis Country is home to some of the most incredible landscapes in the world. With countless nature walks and hikes for all levels, wildlife galore, and access to everything from fine dining to world-class golf, Kananaskis Country is a must-visit destination.

The Badlands

Next up, the Badlands region, known for its striking rock formations, known as hoodoos, as well as the numerous dinosaur fossils discovered in the area, provide another extraordinary glamping experience. It’s hard to find a more Albertan glamping experience than spending the night under a blanket of stars where dinosaurs once roamed.

Northern Alberta

Finally, in the North of the province, Alberta is dotted with countless lakes, perfect for water-based glamping adventures. Whether you prefer kayaking on crystal clear waters or fishing in secluded spots, there’s bound to be a glamping destination for you.

The Different Types of Glamping in Alberta, Canada

Glamping accommodations throughout Alberta range from safari-style canvas tents to geodesic domes to fully equipped cabins. Many Alberta glamping sites feature plush mattresses and bedding, private bathrooms with hot water, and even air conditioning, ensuring a comfortable and relaxing stay on the doorstep of some of the world’s greatest wilderness. Most glamping sites provide guests with a barbecue or stove although many are within driving distance of impressive dining destinations, allowing visitors to cap off a day of exploring some of Alberta’s incredible scenery with a delicious dinner. For those wishing to enjoy their meals in the comfort of their glamping accommodation, many sites offer cooking and eating utensils.

What to do When Glamping in Alberta

Glamping site operators in Alberta frequently partner with local guides and adventure companies to offer an enhanced outdoor experience to guests. Guides can be booked for hikes, trail rides, horseback rides, fishing trips, and more. Glamping sites often lie in close proximity to stunning natural landscapes, including forests, mountains, rivers, and scenic trails. With so many options to choose from, deciding on what activities to partake in can be potentially overwhelming. The partnerships that glamping site operators maintain allow visitors to ensure they’re making the most of their time, as local guides can often offer the most accurate and up-to-date advice on what to do in the region. Of course, the choice ultimately lies with you, and in a province as beautiful as Alberta, it’s nearly impossible to make the wrong decision.

Castle Provincial Park

Nestled in the beautiful landscapes of southwestern Alberta, Castle Provincial Park contains some of the most stunning scenery in the world, and the nature in Castle Provincial Park is as diverse as it is captivating. Covering over 105,000 hectares of Canadian wilderness, the park provides habitat for a wide array of plant and animal species, including subalpine fir, cottonwood trees, various wildflowers, grizzly and black bears, wolverines, peregrine falcons, northern pygmy owls, and mountain bluebirds, among many others. Situated at the confluence of the Waterton Biosphere Reserve, Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park, Crowsnest Pass, and the Flathead River Valley, Castle Provincial Park is a key feature in the incredible Crown of the Continent ecosystem. The park’s ecological and geological diversity allows visitors a variety of experiences that change with the seasons, such as hiking, horseback trail riding, mountain biking, camping (and glamping), skiing/snowboarding, and more. With little development in the area around and within the park, stargazing is often high on the list of those who choose to stay overnight.


Alberta Parks lists 14 trails, all of which can be hiked, and vary from under 3 kilometres to nearly 50 kilometres. For those who like to combine their camping and hiking, numerous backcountry routes are included in this extensive trail system. One such route is Bovin (Blue) Lake, a multi-purpose trail that provides the opportunity to do either a day hike or a backcountry camp at the base of Loaf Mountain. The destinations at the end of the trails that wind through the pristine wilderness of Castle Provincial Park never fail to amaze, and visitors often find themselves marveling at the nature that surrounds those trails along the way. As you hike through forested meadows up to steep rocky cliffs and mountain summits, keep a keen eye out for the abundant wildlife that call the park home. From shrews to wolverines to bears, and everything in between, you’re sure to spot at least some of the park’s locals.

Alternate Forms of Trail Use

For those who want to enjoy the full scope of the beauty that Castle Provincial Park has to offer without the heavy backpack and tightly tied hiking boots, horseback riding, cycling (both manual and battery-assisted), and even OHV use are encouraged on a variety of trails. Although some trails remain hiking only, the ability to access most of them through another form of transport grants access to an entirely different world for many visitors. One such route that allows for such travel is North Kootenay Pass, wherein visitors follow in the footsteps of the K’tunaxa on a trail used for annual migrations and trading. For those who are more inclined to explore using a method other than their feet, the park’s diverse and varied trails offer everything from simple outings to challenging adventures, and welcome all those with an adventurous spirit.

Wintertime Activities

When winter hits, an entirely new side of Castle Provincial Park is revealed. A true winter wonderland for half of the year, visitors can experience a wide range of snow sports and activities. The park’s picnic areas provide ideal spots for building snowmen and enjoying hot chocolate against a backdrop of stunning mountain vistas. The Syncline Trail Network provides over 20 kilometres of professionally groomed and maintained Nordic ski trails, which extend through rolling montane forests and meadows. The park is also a popular destination for fishing enthusiasts who refuse to wait for the spring thaw. Stocked with rainbow trout and surrounded by mountain peaks, Beaver Mines Lake is one such haven for those who are willing to brave the cold. For those who wish to explore, snowshoeing is permitted anywhere in the park unless otherwise posted, and for those who wish to get around more quickly, fat biking is permitted along all designated snowmobile trails.


For those who wish to spend multiple days or even weeks in the park, multiple options for camping are readily available. For pre-booked campgrounds, Beaver Mines Lake, Castle Falls, and Castle River Bridge are available. With options amongst the 3 campgrounds for both RV and tent camping, each location provides visitors with a distinct experience. Beaver Mines Lake includes a boat launch and lake access, while sites at Castle River Bridge offer electrical outlets that can be used to power RVs. Fishing is available at each campground, and all 3 offer the perfect starting point for your next outdoor adventure. For first come first serve camping, Lynx Creek is an ideal option. Offering another scenic location within the park to fish for trout, Lynx Creek also offers OHV riding enthusiasts the opportunity to take advantage of the numerous trails in the area. For those who prefer riding horseback, the Designated Equestrian Camping Area is newly available. Including horse pens and high lines alongside 11 campsites, this campground makes it easier than ever for visitors to the park to get the most out of their horseback expeditions. Finally, there remains one more option that hasn’t yet been discussed, glamping.

Glamping at Castle Provincial Park

A portmanteau of “glamourous” and “camping”, glamping combines the tranquility of nature with luxurious and comfortable amenities that are not traditionally available on a camping trip. When glamping, you can choose between bathing in a glacial lake, or enjoying a warm shower from the comfort of a furnished bathroom. Glamping provides visitors with options, allowing guests to ask, “Would I prefer cooking hotdogs over the campfire, or enjoying freshly grilled steak and asparagus at my dining table?”

There is no wrong answer of course, as that is the beauty of the glamping experience. For those seeking a luxurious outdoor retreat amidst the serenity of Castle Provincial Park, and more specifically the aforementioned Beaver Mines Lake, Glamping Resorts in Alberta has multiple accommodation options that are sure to amaze. Big Oak Tent, Cozy Family Dome, Waterfront Cabin, Lodge, and Intrepid Bunkie are all available for booking, and each offers a unique glamping experience. Each accommodation, although unique, is guaranteed to allow visitors to immerse themselves in the relaxing ambiance of the park while enjoying the convenience of well-appointed lodgings.

Imagine waking up to the crisp mountain air, surrounded by towering trees and the soothing sound of nature. You may even be paid an early morning visit by a resident deer, moose, fox, or one of the many other creatures that live on and around Glamping Resorts 100+ acres of lakeside property. Tossing aside your plush bedding and setting your feet down on the smooth hardwood floor you contemplate where to enjoy your morning coffee; on your enclosed patio, by your personal firepit, or next to the calm waters of the lake. After a warm shower, you’re ready to head out for a day of adventure. Whether it’s a guided hike with Uplift Adventures, a fishing trip with Eastslope Adventures, a bike ride with Sweet Riders, or something else entirely, the possibilities are near endless. After a day out in the park, you’re looking forward to a warm meal. You fire up your personal barbecue and enjoy a delicious dinner, before settling down next to your campfire to watch the sunset. With Castle Provincial Park’s extremely limited light pollution, stargazing is the best way to cap off your day.

Whether you stay on the lookout for shooting stars for 10 minutes or an hour, you know your warm, comfy bed is waiting for you. If this sounds like your idea of paradise, then glamping in Castle Provincial Park has to be on your bucket list.