Glamping Weddings: A Mix of the Outdoors and Luxury

Outdoors and luxury shot for a glamping wedding

For those adventurous couples who want to blend a little bit more of their outdoorsy side involved with their special day, have you considered a glamping location for your wedding day? Glamping offers a way to mix the seclusion and beauty of the wilderness with luxuries that can rival most hotels; a mix of rustic and elegance. If you’re in the market for a more adventurous, intimate wedding, here are five reasons why glamping might just be the perfect solution! 


Forget Traditional, Do it Your Way

Traditional weddings stick to what can feel like a rigid schedule; get ready at 10 am followed by racing to the ceremony venue for noon, then hurried family formals and portraits for two hours, then a race to cocktail hour, etc. This can feel so hurried and exhausting and leave you with hardly any time with your guests, so why not throw the rule book away and do the whole day at a glamping resort and have the whole shindig happen on one property? You should celebrate your wedding day how you want to, not following some rule book about how to do a wedding! 


Accommodations Included

Part of the draw to hosting a wedding at a glamping resort is that you’ve already got your accommodations figured out and they’re cozy and luxurious to boot! You don’t have to worry about parents or friends being cramped or uncomfortable as our glamping locations are equipped with Endy mattresses to promise a good night’s rest. There’s no need for folks to ensure rides, designated drivers or taxi’s after a night of celebration and you know your guests won’t be drinking and driving.


Elongating the Merriment 

When you book the glamping resort, why not book it for an extra night or two and actually enjoy the wedding you’ve spent ages planning? You don’t have to rush your ceremony or reception and you’ll have a chance to really connect with each of your guests. You can play games, arrange full party activities, have picnic lunches together, enjoy more than one campfire night, make breakfast together and more! There’s no reason not to take a weekend to celebrate your marriage with the people you love!


Nature is the Best Backdrop

Particularly for couples that enjoy the outdoors, nature is a gorgeous backdrop for any wedding. By a mountain lake or amongst a forest of pines, getting hitched in the wilderness is unlike anything else. You don’t have to spend loads on decorations because nature is doing it for you. Keep it simple and keep your costs low to spend on other important things, like food, beverages and marshmallows! 


Quality Time With Those That Matter Most

Easily the most important and special part about glamping with your dearest friends and family is the quality time you’ll be able to spend with them. They’ve likely gathered from all over the place to celebrate with you and when you take out the travel time between venues and don’t worry too much about a rigid timeline, suddenly you have a lot more time with your guests. Glamping gets you even closer to those you love and the time spent is what you’ll remember the most. 


A glamping wedding allows you to enjoy your day to the fullest with the family and friends you cherish the most, all while immersed in the beauty of the outdoors. You can do what you want for your wedding day and if you’re a couple that fell in love while exploring the great outdoors, why not celebrate your marriage where it all started? Get in touch with us and we can start planning your incredible glamping wedding together!

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