Try A Team Building or Corporate Retreat at Glamping Resorts!

Two women at a team building or corporate retreat at Glamping Resorts

With the pandemic changing the way we interact with our business partners and colleagues, the model for a typical corporate retreat is also changing. If you own a business or you work in human resourcing and you’re on the hunt for a location for the next company retreat, have you thought about hosting at a glamping resort? The whole point of team building and corporate retreats is to put more face-to-face time with employees, bring departments together to work on solutions or celebrate an achievement or company milestone. One of the best places to do this uninterrupted is in the wilderness. Here’s why you might want to think about a glamping resort for your next corporate retreat or team-building excursion!


The Outdoors
It’s been proven time and again that time spent in the great outdoors is good for our mental health and our well-being. When you plan a team-building retreat for the office in a natural environment, your employees have a chance to breathe fresh air and be in the sunshine while they work together, participate in a little friendly competition or strategize between departments for future projects. Rather than being cooped up in a meeting room, your team can experience the incredible views under an open sky and that fresh air can keep the attention keen and the brain sharp!


Close To Home

The bustle of cities like downtown Calgary can wear on a person, particularly if you work in the heart of it all. What’s nice about our Glamping Resorts is you don’t have to travel far to take the company out for a corporate getaway as Calgary is within two hours of a gorgeous, secluded glamping retreat. If you’re based out of Calgary, we might just have the perfect place for you to take your team on the next corporate retreat!


The Benefits Of Team Building

It’s important to know what kind of return on investment you can expect out of a team-building retreat at a glamping resort. When you invest in your team with a retreat full of activities to encourage teamwork and collaboration, this spurs company morale, especially when the activities are engaging and exciting. Learning your colleagues’ strengths and where other team members may be able to fill in the gaps will help foster a more productive environment with common goals. Depending on the activities you choose, collective and individual responsibility can be heightened by the roles required for these exercises and working together can improve communication across the board. 

If this sounds like something your company is looking to invest in, we’re interested in collaborating with you! Reach out to us with your ideas and we’ll figure out how to make the most out of your next company retreat!