What’s the Difference Between Our Glamping Structures?

Our dome glamping structure in the woods difference from other glamping structures

Part of what makes glamping getaways so popular is the interesting accommodations provided at these fancy camping resorts. The whole point of glamping is to attain a luxurious experience while still enjoying the tranquillity of secluded, natural areas and the way to do that is with structures that convey both adventure and comfort! Here at Glamping Resorts, we have a few different types of accommodations for you to choose from, but what’s the difference between our unique glamping structures?



A classic and a staple in the glamping world, domes are a cozy, quiet and immersive way to get yourself involved with nature. Comfortable wood floors, a soft Endy king-size mattress and in some of our domes, a loft with a few extra beds for the kids! If it’s a getaway with just you and your sweetheart, this is a perfect place to get cozy and have an afternoon nap. The domes come equipped with a kitchenette, air conditioning, a bathroom with a single-stall shower, an apartment-sized refrigerator, pots, pans and cutlery, a coffee pot, coffee, a toaster, linens, an indoor table with two chairs, a fire pit and roasting sticks, a BBQ, picnic table and two outdoor chairs for around the fire. What makes the domes such a unique experience is the incredible view you have facing out to some truly gorgeous natural landscape of the prairies or Southern Alberta mountains. Pull back the curtains at night and you have the perfect place to stargaze, cozied up on the bed with a cup of hot chocolate!


Intrepid Tents

An intrepid tent is the upgraded, fancy version of your traditional camping-style tent with more amenities and less sleeping on the ground. Built on a sturdy wood platform, the canvas tent encloses a spacious room with hardwood floors and a dry kitchen with the necessary pot to make your morning coffee. Luxurious Endy mattresses are also in all our intrepid tents to ensure you get the rest you need while you stay with us, including linens. Outdoor chairs, a picnic table, a private firepit and BBQ are what you’ll find just outside. Though they don’t have plumbing, we have updated and modern outhouses close by your intrepid tent, as well as showers. We recommend packing a bathroom caddy for your stay with us to make trips to the showers a breeze! The intrepid tents will give you the most camping-like experience out of all our accommodation options!


Premium Cabins and Canvas Cabins

The biggest difference between premium cabins and canvas cabins is the materials used in construction. The premium cabin at Castle Provincial Park is a permanent structure built to accommodate large family getaways with three bedrooms, a 3 piece bathroom and a kitchenette along with all the usual Glamping Resort basics of a firepit, BBQ, picnic table and outdoor chairs. Our canvas cabins are more like intrepid tents with a facelift, including a private bathroom with a shower and a kitchenette. The biggest difference is the addition of air conditioning!  


Big Oak Tents

Our Big Oak Tents are located out at Castle Provincial Park and we’re hard at work getting these special accommodations built and ready for your arrival! There’s more room for the kids or a group of friends with two double beds in addition to the Endy king mattress and you’ll have your own bathroom and kitchen area with everything you need. Stay tuned for updates on our Big Oak Tents and when you can book these unique structures! 


However you decide to enjoy your glamping experience, you can trust that you’ll be able to relax in comfort in one of our many accommodation options. You can immerse yourself in nature without having to completely give up the finer things, like a comfortable bed and a coffee maker. Remember to pack drinking and cooking water when you come to visit us at our Buffalo Pound Lake resort as the water isn’t potable. Join us for your next outdoor getaway and one of our gorgeous locations across Southern Alberta and Saskatchewan, book your adventure today