Recipes to Enhance Your Glamping Experience

Glamping cabin in the woods with picnic table outside for a glamping experience

Sometimes the best part about a vacation or a getaway is the food. When you get to be your own chef in the wilderness at one of our several luxurious glamping locations, the menu is yours to create! If you’ve been itching to try a new recipe or you’ve got a trusted favourite that you know and love, bring those meals with you to enhance your glamping experience!



Starting your day off with a healthy, delicious meal is the best way to begin a day of outdoor adventure. A breakfast hash cooked over the campfire will get you fueled and ready for a day of hiking, biking, swimming or other outdoor fun, but for those days you want to spend more time just enjoying being outside, why not make campfire french toast? If you love breakfasts with a sweet twist, maybe try your hand at making a buttermilk blueberry cake! As your coffee is brewing, you can throw together a pumpkin spice granola and pop it right in the oven. If you prepare some of your meals beforehand, simply spreading the granola on a baking sheet and tossing it in the oven means breakfast is almost ready! Overnight oats are an excellent breakfast option that can be prepared the night before so you don’t have to worry about making food when you wake up!


If you’re off on the trails, lunch could be a few dense granola bars, an electrolyte drink and some fruit or other trail snacks to keep you on the move. But if you’ve got time to make something a bit more substantial, try campfire chilaquiles! This Mexican breakfast food makes for a great anytime food and is a perfect way to use up leftover meats from the night before. Hot dogs are a camping staple, but if you bring some fancy condiments and toast your hot dog buns over an open flame, all of a sudden it’s a fancy hot dog! Nachos make a great one-pot glamping meal and are another perfect way to use up leftover meats and veggies! If you’re looking for something full of flavour with a lot of nutrients, give this sweet potato and peanut stew a try!



When you think of fireside dinners, you might think a lot of those dinners will be wrapped in foil – and you’re probably right! Cheddar BBQ chicken, grilled butter garlic steak and potatoes, campfire paella, sausage potato and green beans or lemon chicken and asparagus foils can get your imagination started when it comes to all the different delicacies you can make with a simple foil wrap! One-pot meals are popular for dinner too, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t fancy! Give this one-pot pasta, dutch oven chicken marabella or skillet lasagna a try! For dessert, it’s as easy as one pan for this quick and easy campfire apple crisp – let’s hope you remembered the ice cream! A twist on the original s’mores, this s’mores in a jar recipe is the perfect way to end a perfect day in the great outdoors!


It’s important to eat well when you’re out exploring the vast wilderness of Southern Saskatchewan or Alberta and planning your meals before you stay with us is a must. You’ll need that fuel to keep you going as you explore what Castle Provincial Park, Saskatchewan Landing and Buffalo Pound Lake have to offer! Start planning your next glamping escape with us today, we can’t wait to have you stay with us!