Glamping vs Camping: What’s the Difference and Which Is Right for You?

Glamping VS Camping: What Is the Difference

There’s something about nature that just calls to us and when we think of an outdoor getaway, that can look like unplugging and going out in the wilderness for a tranquil, leisurely paced exploration of the backwoods for a weekend. Our bodies crave going back into nature for a chance to reconnect with the earth, whether it’s mountains, lakes, rivers or wide open prairie skies. The first thing most folks think of when we mention connecting back to nature is camping, but with glamping continuing to rise in the ranks of popularity, what’s really the difference? In this article, we will tell you what is the difference between camping and glamping and which is right for you!


Glamping vs Camping

What is Camping?

The exact opposite of our modern lifestyles, camping is, at its most basic, spending the night outdoors in a tent. Of course there’s many forms of camping, from RVs to backpacking to car camping to falling asleep in just a sleeping bag under the stars, but camping is simple and the most basic way to really come back to nature. If you’re staying at a campsite, facilities and some amenities may be available to you, but bathrooms are not something that’s automatically included and that can be a deal breaker for some folks. You will need to bring everything you need for your trip, including food and water. When you’re out camping, cooking happens over the fire or over a propane stove or portable element. You must bring all your own cooking supplies including pots, skillets and knives, and you may need to bring your own firewood.


What is Glamping?

While camping has been around since nearly forever, glamping is newer to the outdoor game and showed up in the 90s and early 2000s as a glamorous alternative to camping. It can be a much more accessible version of spending the night outdoors without having to sacrifice plumbing or some modern comforts, like having access to the internet. Glamping takes all the work out of camping and offers you the accommodations ready for you to enjoy, you just have to bring your meals, beverages, some entertainment and hiking gear. You can still cook your meals over the fire, but BBQs, full kitchens or kitchenettes may also be available to you, depending on where you book. Coffee makers, french presses, toasters and other gadgets may also be available to you so make sure to check what’s included in your booking!


How to decide which is best for you?

If you look forward to roughing it in the wilds with everything you need strapped to your back as you hike to get to your overnight destination in the middle of nowhere, camping might be right for you. An experience that’s entirely different from our everyday lives is a backwoods, unplugged camping adventure. If you prefer some comforts of modern life, such as a proper mattress and easily available plumbing, you would likely enjoy the great outdoors much more in a glamping environment. Glamping is much less challenging than camping and geared more toward folks who want to arrive ready to relax and recoup from the hubbub of our working lives. The biggest difference between camping and glamping can be the cost of the trip. Glamping provides everything ready to go for you while a campsite is waiting for you to get it ready. Children can be a big factor in the decision between camping and glamping too as glamping can make it a bit easier with amenities like bathrooms in your dome or cabin. Now you know what is the difference between camping and glamping.


However you like to spend time outdoors, it’s important to get yourself out there and explore. Nature gives us a chance to rejuvenate in a way that nothing else can and green spaces, water and natural landscapes are good for our minds, bodies and souls. If you love camping but you’re not convinced you want to rough it in the wilds, consider glamping! We’ve got some incredible views at our three locations and we’d love to have you! Contact us today!