Types of Glamping

Types of glamping

The best thing about glamping is the total immersion into the great outdoors while still retaining all the luxuries of most hotels. With mattresses you’ll never want to get up from to the perfect campfire pit out front, glamping is an experience that is unique and doesn’t pinch pennies when it comes to comfort. Glamping is a much more elevated form of camping, but your accommodations are provided for you, along with amenities. There are plenty of ways you can go glamping and here are a few types you can look for when you’re hunting for your next outdoor getaway!


Cottages and Cabins

Handcrafted cottages and cabins are a wonderful way to enjoy the outdoors. These structures are usually much smaller than a cabin home, but are perfect for a weekend getaway with your sweetheart into the heart of the woods. Some cottages are built more traditionally in the shape of a caravan or with a curved roof, more like a pod, but most will have a bed, chairs and a wood-burning oven. On the luxurious end of the glamping spectrum, these cabins or cottages can come fully equipped with a kitchen or kitchenette, plumbing, electricity, and maybe a hot tub!



When we say tents, we don’t mean your typical low hanging, forcing you to crawl around, flimsy structures. We’re talking about gorgeous tents you can stand in either affixed to a raised base or as a semi-permanent structure on the ground. Often made from a durable, waterproof canvas, glamping tents have comfortable floors, luxurious beds with soft blankets and numerous pillows, a few chairs, maybe a table and perhaps even a French press for your morning coffee. They can come in a few different styles, including Safari Tents and Bell tents, but if you love traditional tent camping and don’t want to lose out on everyday amenities, glamping tents are for you. 


Domes and Yurts

Yurts are historically a traditional dwelling for the Mongolian people as it was an excellent structure for a travelling-based lifestyle. Nowadays, most yurts are built over permanent wood structures as an elevated camping experience with amenities and coffee machines. Domes are also round structures and are becoming more and more popular in the luxury glamping world, particularly because they are permanent structures to offer year-round glamping experiences. Domes often are made from a PVC or a canvas-poly blend with vinyl panoramic windows, offering some truly remarkable views of the night sky and the nature around you!


Not all glamping is created equal. Some resorts are more styled like a campground in that you have to provide your own bedding, but a bed is ready for you in the structure along with some other simple amenities. At Glamping Resorts, we pride ourselves on balancing luxury with a truly immersive experience in the wilds of southern Alberta and Saskatchewan, bringing you the comforts of a resort stay just steps from the wilderness. Join us this summer to really get out in the back forty and connect back to nature! Book with us today!