5 Things to Do that Don’t Include Your Phone

Things to Do that Don’t Include Your Phone

Heading out for a glamping adventure is a wonderful way to unwind and relax while immersed in nature and in some cases, glamping locations have access to wifi and streaming services. But what if you tried an outdoorsy getaway without spending time connected to the internet? You might find yourself connecting with nature or with your partner in a way you maybe wouldn’t have been able to with the distraction of technology! If you want to try a phoneless or phone-reduced glamping getaway, here are 5 things you can do while glamping that doesn’t include your cell phone!

  • Lawn games. The great thing about lawn games is they’re for everybody and a great way to build connections with our kids is to play with them! Some glamping and camping sites have bocce ball, horseshoe toss, ring toss or badminton, but bring along things like spike ball, corn hole, ladder golf, croquet, Jenga or a family-friendly version of beer pong with buckets and tennis balls. Capture the Flag is a fantastic way to run off energy if you’ve got really excited kids and red light, green light works in a pinch if you don’t have flags.

  • Board games and card games. While our glamping sites do supply some board games and playing cards, bring along your favourites from home too! Longform board games, such as Betrayal at the House on the Hill or Catan, are excellent ways to pass the time and if it’s a friend’s trip, you can make drinking games out of pretty much anything. Card game tournaments between you and your relatives are a great way to spend an afternoon, so brush up on your Rummy, Crazy Eights or Cribbage rules! Apples to Apples, Trouble, Sorry or Monopoly are great board games, but there are so many to choose from nowadays!

  • Good, old-fashioned book reading. With constant access to the web and overstimulating media, we can forget the simple enjoyment of getting lost in a good book. E-readers are a fantastic way to economically have hundreds of books at the touch of a button, but sometimes it’s nice to curl up in a hammock and read a page-turning paperback. Pack a few extra books from several different genres with you and challenge your kids to try a longer book than maybe they’re used to! You could even make a day of reading a novel to them from beginning to end.

  • Exploring nature. If you were the kid that grew up with the “go outside and play” rhetoric, you know how much fun nature is to explore and interact with. Hiking, exploring, or just breathing in some beautiful landscapes is good for our overworked brains. Getting back in touch with nature is so good for our mental health and just walking along a trail can be a magical experience if you allow it to be!

  • Build a campfire together. If there isn’t a fire ban in place, building a campfire with your kids or your friends is the start of a wonderful evening. Campfires are where good stories are shared, fireside games like telephone are played, where sticky fingers are cleaned after that last s’more and where we can connect back with our families. Make up campfire songs or sing established ones or just have a good conversation; the fireside is the best place to be after a day of adventure!


These are just a few suggestions of what you can get up to on your glamping getaway that doesn’t include your cell phone! There’s plenty to keep you occupied, but maybe you want to come sit by the water and just do nothing. However you want to spend your glamping adventure, we’ve got a comfy place to lay your head at night! Book with Glamping Resorts today and come enjoy the great outdoors!