A Trail Guide to Saskatchewan Landing

A Trail Guide to Saskatchewan Landing - Glamping Resorts - Featured Image

There’s something unique and breathtaking about the rolling hills and wide open skies of the prairies that you can only really understand once you’ve experienced it. Nestled in the river valley of the South Saskatchewan River is our cozy Glamping Resort, the perfect place to stay when you’re planning to explore the hiking opportunities of Saskatchewan Landing Provincial Park! Here’s our quick trail guide to Saskatchewan Landing so you can get out there and experience those incredible views!


Where is Saskatchewan Landing?

The park is just over a half-hour drive or approximately 50 kilometres from the city of Swift Current. The trek is a bit further from Moose Jaw and will take almost two and a half hours to reach the park and if you’re travelling in from Regina, expect about a two-hour and forty-five-minute commute to the park. Saskatchewan Landing Provincial Park is situated on the western end of Lake Diefenbaker and covers about 14,700 acres. It’s a historically important place and it’s believed that the first crossing of the Metis people over the Saskatchewan River happened here with quite a collection of evidence to back this theory, including teepee rings, wheel ruts, trails and the Goodwin House. 


Interpretive Trails

There are three big interpretive hiking trails that are popular for folks to trek; Rings, Ruts and Remnants, Ridges and Ravines and Prairie Vista trail. All three trails are under a 4km hike and moderately difficult, however, Ridges and Ravines has a pronounced decline that some hikers could find challenging. These trails are kid friendly and allow dogs on leashes, but please watch your step as some of the inclines you’ll encounter can be a bit of a fall hazard! Don’t forget to bring plenty of water and a snack for your journey!


Easy Hikes

If you want a more leisurely experience, a nice long walk for you and your partner, check out some of these easier trails! The Brunyee Trail Loop, a 9.8-kilometre hike ranked easy on, will take you just over two and a half hours to complete, but be sure to check to see the conditions of the trail before you go as it can sometimes be washed out! If you’re looking for a hike that’s longer, East Rambling Trail will take over 3 hours to finish.


Beaver Flat 50 Course

The Beaver Flat course is a 47.6-kilometre hike through the rugged and gorgeous wilderness of Saskatchewan Landing Provincial Park, but do keep in mind this is considered to be a difficult hike! If you choose to do the full loop, it will be a multi-day experience with quite a bit of elevation, but if you’re looking to just do a short leg of the journey, the hike is still beautiful and not nearly as long. Almost every hiker, mountain biker or snowshoer leaves in awe of the views because the views really are worth it, even if this trail is a tough one. There’s no shame in training for a course like this, in fact, we encourage it!

Saskatchewan Landing Provincial Park has so much to offer and so much to explore. The prairies come alive here and we can’t wait to have you stay with us. If you’re a hiker looking to expand your hiking knowledge and want to try somewhere new, book yourself a stay and find out why this park is known for its views! Book today in one of our unique, comfortable accommodation options!