Eco-Friendly Glamping for your Romantic Getaway

Eco-Friendly Glamping for your Romantic Getaway - Glamping Resorts - Featured Image

A romantic trip with your sweetheart is sure to add some sparks to the relationship, but an eco-friendly glamping experience will do wonders for the planet in addition to your well-being! Glamping is a more luxurious version of camping and offers amenities, domestic comforts and convenience all while being more environmentally friendly. Here’s why choosing a glamping getaway for your next romantic weekend with your partner can leave you feeling both refreshed and eco-conscious! 



Glamping presents all the comforts of a resort-style getaway while giving you a front-row seat to nature. It allows you to immerse yourself in the wilderness with fewer environmental impacts than traditional camping, as glamping resorts consume fewer resources like fuel and electricity. These lavish and cozy resorts are built with the environment and wildlife in mind to reduce the daily impacts other camping locations will produce. A true definition of romance is quality time together amongst the trees while remaining eco-friendly; because it’s okay to love your partner and the trees!


How Glamping Impacts the Environment 

Glamping structures, such as yurts, intrepid tents and domes, are often pre-built. This puts less stress on the surrounding natural environment as not nearly as much damage and destruction needs to happen to situate these structures as it would to build permanently from scratch. An experience like glamping encourages you to get outdoors, which is good for your health and the environment! It allows us to really involve ourselves in nature and gives us a chance for experiential learning, such as discovering flora and fauna of the area, taking a kayaking trip to explore the natural waterways or trying new activities such as fishing or birdwatching. These glamping sites are usually in quite rural and remote areas and this helps reduce the exposure to damaging human intrusions as the resorts provide a boost for the local economy, thus protecting the space becomes more important with demand. With the addition of things like solar power and environmentally friendly cleaning products and other amenities, glamping is a fantastic eco-friendly alternative to camping! The best place to romance your significant other is under the stars or next to the fire, cozied up in eco-friendly luxury in a glamping resort!

Giving yourself a chance to go unplugged, off social media and truly engage yourself in the natural world around you is scientifically proven to be good for your mental health and it allows you to really pay attention to your partner. The quiet and the solitude is a beautiful way to get to know each other and wouldn’t it feel good to do that in a comfortable glamping getaway? Book your next romantic getaway today at one of our Glamping Resorts!