Choose Your Glamping Tent Size

glamping tent size

Glamping offers the perfect opportunity to experience the beauty of nature without sacrificing comfort. A central element of a glamping experience is the tent, which provides shelter, style, and a connection to the beautiful space wilderness around you. When it comes to glamping, we’re not talking about any old tent. Glamping tents are luxurious, spacious, and packed with features and amenities to keep you cozy and happy no matter the conditions outside. However, selecting the right glamping tent size is a crucial decision, as it can significantly impact your comfort and enjoyment. In this guide, we’ll break down the different sizes of tents you can expect to find at a glamping site and go over how to pick the perfect glamping tent size for you.


Understanding Glamping Tents

Glamping tents come in various shapes and sizes, each designed to cater to different preferences and group sizes. When choosing a glamping tent, you’ll typically encounter two primary styles:


Bell Tents

These tents, often resembling yurts, feature a distinctive roundish shape, with canvas walls that slope outward and a central support pole. Bell tents create a cozy, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing glamping experience.


Wall Tents

Wall tents have a more rectangular and structured design with vertical walls and a gabled roof. They are known for their durability, versatility, and spacious interior, making them ideal for extended stays.


Glamping Tent Size Options

Glamping tents are usually defined by their dimensions in feet or metres. We’ll break the dimensions down into specific bell tent and wall tent measurements to avoid confusion.


Bell Tent Configurations:

10 Foot or 3 Metre Bell Tent

This is the smallest usable footprint you can find. These tiny bell tents can sleep up to 4 people in a pinch but are more suited to couples, as you can comfortably fit one full-sized bed in the tent. 


13 Foot or 4 Metre Bell Tent

For those seeking more interior space, these bell tents are a great option. The 4-metre bell tent is able to fit 2 full-sized beds to comfortably fit 4 people but has space to fit up to 6.


16 Foot or 5 Metre Bell Tent

The 5-metre bell tent can host a number of sleeping configurations. With plenty of space for 2 queen beds or 8 sleeping bags, you’re guaranteed to love this tent.


20 Foot or 6 Metre Bell Tent

With ample room for up to 12 people or 4 queen beds and plenty of accompanying furniture, the 6-metre tent is a truly luxurious size.


Wall Tent Configurations:

8 Foot x 10 Foot

The smallest wall tent with 80 square feet, 3-4 people can make themselves at home.


10 Foot x 12 Foot

A step up at 120 square feet, more space can either mean more room or more people! Up to 6 can sleep in this tent.


12 Foot x 14 Foot

At 168 square feet, the options for furniture customization are very diverse. In a pinch, 7-8 people can spend the night.


14 Foot x 16 Foot

Between 9 and 11 people can get themselves comfy and hunkered down for the night in the 224 square feet offered by this tent.


16 Foot x 20 Foot

Up to 16 people can fit in a tent this size, but of course, configurations with fewer people and more furnishings in mind are available.


16 Foot x 24 Foot

With a massive 348 square feet available, up to 20 people can bed down in this tent for the night.

No matter which style of tent you decide to stay in, the options are nearly unlimited when it comes to glamping tent size. Although we’ve clarified the maximum number of occupants each tent can fit, odds are when you’re enjoying your next glamping experience, you’ll either be with your partner or family, leaving plenty of extra space for the beautiful furnishings that many glamping sites offer! If you want to stay in a beautiful glamping tent on your next trip to the outdoors, take a look at what Glamping Resorts can offer you.