What is a Glamping Pod and What is Inside?

Glamping pod

While glamping has been quite popular in Europe for many years, it’s only recently that it’s taken North America by storm. While glamping can take many forms, one of the most popular options is glamping pods. In this blog, we’ll explore what glamping pods are, what amenities they offer, and why they have become an increasingly sought-after choice for those looking to enjoy the great outdoors without sacrificing comfort.


What is a Glamping Pod?

A glamping pod is a small, often cozy, and well-equipped structure designed for luxury camping accommodations. Traditionally, these pods are around 8 feet wide and 12 feet long, making them the perfect retreat for individuals, couples, and even families. The primary building material for glamping pods is wood, as it provides a sturdy, natural feel. However, companies such as Glamping Resorts aren’t afraid to offer a more diverse range of glamping accommodations, including domes, tents, canvas cabins, and more, all of which can be seen here. 

No matter the construction material or building style, one of the standout features of glamping pods is their ability to blend seamlessly with nature, offering a unique experience that combines the ruggedness of the outdoors and the comfort of modern living.


What is Inside a Glamping Pod?

The amenities inside glamping pods can vary depending on the specific pod and location, but for those wondering what they should bring on their next glamping adventure, here are some common features you can expect to find:


Comfortable Sleeping Arrangements

Most glamping pods come equipped with a comfortable bed and quality linens. Whether you’re on a romantic getaway or a family adventure, you’ll enjoy a good night’s sleep.


Private Bathrooms

While not all glamping pods have en-suite bathrooms, many do offer private bathroom facilities with hot showers or access to shared bathrooms with showers. This allows you to enjoy the convenience of a modern bathroom without the hassle of communal facilities.



Glamping pods often include a small kitchenette with essential cooking equipment. Some include a microwave and kettle, and higher-end pods often offer stoves and fridges.



To ensure you stay toasty warm during colder months, many glamping pods are equipped with heating options. You can often find electric heaters, heated floors, or even fireplaces in more luxurious pods.



With electrical outlets inside, you can charge your devices, use lighting, and even bring along a laptop or other electronic devices.


Outdoor Extras

Depending on the glamping site, you might also have access to additional amenities. Many sites contain an outdoor BBQ, firewood for campfires, and more.

It’s impossible to guarantee what services and amenities are available at each glamping site. Click here for a look at the different amenities offered at our numerous locations. Glamping is a fantastic alternative for those seeking a unique blend of nature and luxury. With comfortable accommodations, convenient amenities, and easy access to nature, glamping pods have become a favourite among travellers around the world who are looking for an extraordinary outdoor experience. Additionally, glamping pods offer year-round services, so you can get away from the hustle and bustle of life no matter the season.