What to Bring for Glamping?

what to bring for glamping

Glamping, short for “glamourous camping,” is a unique and increasingly popular way to experience the outdoors without sacrificing the comforts and luxuries of modern life. Glamping offers a fusion of nature and indulgence, making it an attractive option for those seeking adventure, relaxation, and a touch of opulence. Glamping accommodations can vary, and range from luxury tents to full-scale cabins. The glamping experience also varies dramatically, with some sites offering barbecues for you to prepare your meals, and other sites offering services such as gourmet dining services from full-time chefs. The glamping experience can be easily tailored to your individual wants and needs, from a simple place to rest your head up to the highest level of pampering, which is fantastic! However, it also begs the question, what to bring for your glamping trip?

The Essentials

Any trip away from home requires bringing some essentials, and anyone who has gone on a trip to the great outdoors knows that there are some general necessities that will make your time a lot more enjoyable:

  • – Proper Clothing
  • – Toiletries
  • – Appropriate Cookware and Diningware
  • – Entertainment
  • – Outdoor Gear


Of course, the number of necessities you’ll need to remember to pack will vary based on what level of glamping you’ve signed up for. With a barebones experience, it’s safe to assume you’ll need to bring along quite a lot. With a true luxury experience, you can show up for a week-long experience with all your essentials in a small backpack.

Proper Clothing

Comfortable and weather-appropriate clothing is essential no matter the trip, but especially in a case where you’re likely to be outdoors, getting sweaty, and having some level of exposure to the elements. A rain jacket, warm underlayers, and sturdy, comfortable shoes or boots should go with you on any outdoor trip, no matter the circumstances.


While some toiletries such as toilet paper or wet wipes are essential during a barebones experience, most glamping sites come stocked with such bathroom essentials. Many even offer hot showers. Other toiletries, such as your toothbrush, toothpaste, and any serums or creams you like to use should make the trip with you no matter where you’re staying.

Appropriate Cookware and Diningware

This is another case where the level of necessity is determined by what kind of experience you’ve signed up for. At a glamping site that offers a personal barbecue, you’ll want to ensure you bring the appropriate kitchen items if you intend to cook your own meals. At a glamping site that offers an inclusive dining experience, you leave the pots and pans at home!


Staying entertained while glamping is rarely difficult. Being surrounded by nature, the list of activities to partake in throughout the day is almost unending. At night, however, you may be in the mood to watch a movie, tuck into a good novel, or play a board game. Ensuring you bring enough entertaining material will protect you from boredom, while also helping you enjoy the stress-free experience of glamping.

Outdoor Gear

Everyone’s dream glamping adventure is unique. Some envision spending the entire time relaxing by the lake and fishing. Some envision waking up before dawn to embark on a mountainous trek that would leave Frodo and Sam exhausted. No matter what type of glamping resort you’re booked at, ensuring you know what to bring on your next glamping trip is essential.

If you have any questions about what our Glamping Resorts experiences have in store for you, don’t hesitate to reach out!