What are the Types of Tents?

Types of Tents

Easily the most important piece of equipment needed during your camping trip is your shelter, the tent! Tents and how we go tenting have evolved over the years, but there are still four main tent categories. Though tents come in all kinds of shapes, colours and sizes nowadays, here are the 4 types of tents you need to know about before you go camping!

What Type of Structure is a Tent

A tent is a structure made of lightweight materials to provide shelter in remote and gorgeous locations, allowing you to get right back in touch with nature. 

What are the 4 Types of Tents

1. Dome Tents

The most common tent you’ll find and what we typically think of first when we think about going tent camping is a dome tent. Dome tents are held up by two flexible rods that cross and anchor to the four corners of the tent and create a dome-shaped, spacious area that doesn’t need to be staked down for some builds. Ideal for smaller groups as they get flimsier the bigger they are, dome tents are often more affordable, are quick to set up and typically lighter than other tent builds. Dome tents can be double-walled to allow more airflow and comfortability.


2. A-Frame or Ridge Tents

These tents are named after their capital A letter shape or the ridgeline pole used to create the peak of the tent, as well as their classic design intended to keep you dry in rainy weather. How stable the tent will be is based on how well the tent is staked down or if guylines are used securely. Though historically these tents used wooden poles and canvas, much lighter materials such as nylon and aluminum can now be found in modern designs of these types of tents. They aren’t as popular of a design anymore because of their tendency to sag and collect rain and thus collect snow or rain on the walls.


3. Pyramid or Bell Tents

Very simple in design and execution, pyramid or bell tents are built with one pole to hold the center of the tent up and guylines to secure the tent out in a pyramid shape. They don’t offer as much space because of the slant in the walls, unless you have a traditional long center pole to establish a high pitching point, but can accommodate a group if everyone is comfortable to get a little cozy. These are bulkier tents to transport and are not nearly as stable as other types of tents.


4. Hoop or Tunnel Tents

Aptly named as they use poles bent to create arched “hoop” shapes, hoop or tunnel tents are great for consistent space throughout the tent and are typically built to be tall enough for you to stand in. The fabric of the tent is stretched across the hoops and secured with guylines, often a single layer which can make them hold condensation. These tents have lots of floor space and the tunnel shape makes them feel roomy. Perfect for those who appreciate a cot or a raised bed to sleep on, these tents can accommodate larger groups and have more storage space.


These are just some of the different types of tents that are available now, as all these styles have modifications. When you’re buying a tent for your camping adventures, make sure you do your research on what will suit you best.

Whatever type of tent you decide to invest in, the best part of camping is being able to connect back with the ones you love and spend quality time with them. If you love the idea of camping, but not the idea of roughing it, have you thought about taking your sweetheart glamping instead? Check out how comfortable you can be in our glamping accommodations at our three beautiful locations