Romantic Picnic Places Near You!

Romantic Picnic Places

If you live in Alberta or Saskatchewan, you’ve likely gone for a picnic with your friends or family at least once or twice. Picnics are a chance to connect and enjoy some delicious food with good company and sometimes they can be a little romantic too. The special thing about picnics is they’re the perfect activity for couples to spend time together, but where are you supposed to take your sweetheart? Here are some romantic picnic places near you!

Picnic at the Beach!

A perfectly romantic picnic spot is on a beach, next to gentle waters and the sounds of water birds or wind through the grass. You might not relate the beach to Alberta or Saskatchewan, but just over two hours from Calgary, you can find Beaver Mines Lake in Castle Provincial Park and within two hours of Saskatoon is Sask Landing, and both locations have some perfect places for a romantic beachside picnic. Don’t forget to bring a few extra towels and your favourite waterfront snacks!

Hike for a Picnic with a View!

If you and your sweetheart like doing outdoor activities together, such as hiking, you can open more romantic places for a picnic! Why not into some beautiful scenery that leads to incredible views for your picnicking backdrop? Saskatchewan Landing has some incredible hiking trails, such as Prairie Vista or Ridges and Ravines. Buffalo Pound Lake, also just over two hours from Saskatoon, has Joe’s Loop and Bison View Trail for you to hike and watch the sunset with your partner. Castle Falls in Castle Provincial Park puts you next to the gorgeous falls as you enjoy your romantic picnic together! For a bit more of a challenging hike and a mountaintop view, try Carbondale Hill Lookout

Romantic Evening Picnic — Indoors!

Our first thought for picnics is that they are often outdoors, but what about a romantic picnic by the light of the moon in a glamping dome? When you go on a glamping adventure with your partner, you can elevate the romance by adding an intimate picnic on the floor of the dome in front of that great big window. Make it just about the two of you and make it extra special by preparing a charcuterie spread or special sweets and champagne, all while enjoying your favourite music together. 


Picnics in and of themselves are a romantic pastime, but you can make them even more fun by adding games or activities to your picnic getaways. Go for a swim together if you plan a beachside picnic, or make getting to the picnic spot an adventure by going on a hike, or playing games like 20 Questions along the way. Go for a slow, leisurely canoe ride in the lake and bring your picnic in the boat with you! There are plenty of ways to make picnics romantic, no matter where you are! If you’d like to try a special romantic picnic spot, try one in a glamping dome. You can book with us today!