Your Ultimate Guide to Summer Glamping

A lakeside with green grasses beside is perfect for your serene summer glamping.

Glamping is the quintessential mix of camping and comfort, combining the comforts of indoor living with the great outdoors. With warmer weather around the corner, it’s the perfect time to plan your next, or first summer glamping getaway. Our glamping resorts are chock full of summer activities to enjoy, from invigorating hikes to pristine lakeside beaches, we’re committed to providing you with unforgettable summer experiences.

Summer Glamping Activities

There’s no shortage of summer glamping activities to enjoy at our resorts. Here are some of the best activities, and where to experience them this summer:

Hiking and Nature Walks

Taking a hike or nature walk during your glamping trip offers opportunities to immerse yourself in the natural environment. Take advantage of our resorts’ multitude of trails catered to casual to well-experienced hikers. Observe wildlife, learn about local flora and fauna, and capture memories with photos.

All three of our resorts offer a wide range of trails for casual and seasoned hikers. Enjoy hikes through the majestic prairies at our Saskatchewan Landing Provincial Park or Buffalo Pound Lake resorts in Saskatchewan, or through the amazing Rocky Mountains at our Castle Provincial Park resort in Alberta.

Remember to practice the Leave No Trace principles, prioritize safety, and let someone know your hiking plans. By exploring on foot, you can truly connect with the beauty of the outdoors and create unforgettable experiences during your glamping adventure.


Summer skies are better at night when you’re glamping in the wild. On clear nights, take advantage of the lack of light pollution and gaze up at the stars. Consider bringing along a telescope for a closer look at the celestial wonders above!

If you’re looking to do some stargazing in Alberta this summer, our Castle Provincial Park resort is the perfect location. There is very little development within and around the park, making for extremely limited light pollution and perfect stargazing settings.

The prairie night sky is also a sight to behold. Experience the endless prairie night skies at both our Buffalo Pound Lake and Saskatchewan Landing resorts, where the expansive surroundings provide the best views of the Milky Way. Both resorts are located far from any development, which makes them great spots for optimal views of the cosmos.

Lakeside Activities

From kayaking and canoeing to tanning on the beach, there’s so much to do when you’re glamping by the lake! All our resorts offer lakeside accommodations with a variety of lakeside activities to enjoy.

Our Buffalo Pound Lake resort in Saskatchewan sits on the north shore of the lake. You can let the soothing sounds of the lake drift you off to sleep after a day of relaxing on the beach or after an invigorating kayaking or canoeing session.

You can also swim, paddle, and even fish at our Saskatchewan Landing resort. Make sure you visit the Saskatchewan Landing Marina for some great equipment to purchase or rent.

Our Castle Provincial Park resort in Alberta sits right on the shores of Beaver Mines Lake, where you can bathe and enjoy the serene mountain air. If you’re into boating, there’s even a public boat launch opposite the resort within the provincial park.

Summer glamping offers these and so many more outdoor activities. Our resorts in Alberta and Saskatchewan provide idyllic settings for these adventures. Embrace nature responsibly and create lasting memories under the open sky. Ready to plan your next glamping getaway? Don’t delay as spots for the Summer season are going fast! Book your next summer glamping adventure today!