Stargazing in Alberta and Saskatchewan

Stargazing in Alberta and Saskatchewan

Have you ever seen a night sky so clear and full of stars that you thought you might fall right into it? It’s hard to get a clear sky in the city, and even harder to make the time to sit outside and stare at the stars. That’s why a glamping getaway is the perfect opportunity to get into stargazing and reconnect with the cosmos! And there’s no better place than Alberta and Saskatchewan for the perfect night sky. From the moon’s glow across mountain ranges to endless prairie skies, discover the best stargazing spots in Alberta and Saskatchewan, and how to get the best stargazing experience. 

Stargazing Tips: How to Get the Best View of the Night Sky

There’s more to stargazing than simply looking up at the sky at night. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned observer, here are some tips to keep in mind before you head out into the night:

Choose Your Location Carefully

To get the best stargazing experience, it’ll need to be dark, and we mean dark. Our glamping resorts are all located far from any city lights and offer plenty of stargazing opportunities.

Check the Moon Phase

Stargazing is generally better during a new moon when the sky is darkest. You’ll want to avoid bright moonlit nights, as the moon can wash out fainter celestial objects.

Use Red Light

If you need to keep some light around your glamping area, consider using a red flashlight, or covering your flashlight with red cellophane. This is because red light doesn’t affect your night vision as much as white light does.

Bring Some Equipment

Binoculars and telescopes are excellent tools for stargazing. Consider also bringing star charts to help identify constellations and stars.

Plan Ahead

Look up celestial events like meteor showers or planetary alignments that might be taking place during your stargazing session. Be sure to also check the weather forecast!

Above all, be patient. Stargazing requires patience, so allow your eyes to adapt to the darkness and give yourself time to spot fainter objects. Now all you need to do is pick where you’d like to go stargazing!

Stargazing in Alberta

Alberta has some of Canada’s best natural views, including the night sky. If you’re looking to do some stargazing, our Castle Provincial Park Resort is the perfect place to plan your next glamping getaway. There is very little development within and around the park, making for minimal light pollution and perfect stargazing settings.

Stargazing in Saskatchewan

The prairie sky is a sight to behold, and it’s especially spectacular at night! Experience the awe-inspiring night skies of the endless prairies at our Buffalo Pound Lake and Saskatchewan Landing resorts, where the expansive surroundings provide optimal views of the Milky Way. Both resorts are located far from any development, which makes them exceptional spots for optimal views of the cosmos.

So, wherever you decide to observe the night sky on your next glamping trip, we hope it’s a bright experience you’ll remember for a lifetime. Ready to plan your next glamping getaway? Don’t delay as spots for the Spring and Summer season are going fast! Book your next adventure today. Happy stargazing!