Winter Glamping at Our Resorts – Yes, You Can!

Can you go glamping in winter?

Can you go glamping in winter? Definitely yes! It might seem strange to talk about winter as we’re just coming through spring, but there’s something extra special about glamping in the winter and we want to tell you about it! With the luxury and coziness of glamping accommodations, spending a snowy weekend with nature at your fingertips suddenly seems a little inviting, maybe even cozy. Here’s what you need to know about winter glamping at our resorts!


Bring Along Comforts

You spent the day snowshoeing and exploring some incredible countryside and instead of coming back to a cold tent and a sleeping bag, you come back to a comfortable bed piled high with pillows and blankets to keep you cozy! If you’ve got some favourite blankets or you just can’t sleep without your own pillow, don’t be afraid to bring those comforts with you! Slippers, fuzzy socks, cozy pyjamas, heated blankets and some of your own pillows will make your glamping space feel that much more warm and relaxing. Bring along some fairy lights, mood lighting or LED candles to truly make it a winter wonderland!


Menu Planning

The great thing about winter is you can keep a hot beverage going on the fire for an anytime hot chocolate or hot apple cider! One of the best ways to stay warm is to consume hot food and beverages and if you’re planning a weekend away with your pals, mulled wine over the fire is an incredible way to keep you warm and keep the conversation flowing. Every one of our accommodations is equipped with a coffee maker and depending on the unit you book, you may have access to a kitchenette with a refrigerator, an oven and a stove. Plan your menu full of things like stews, soups, chilli, mac and cheese, one-pot pasta and skillets. Preparing some meals before you go is a great way to save space and time, giving you more of a chance to spend the day with your family and friends before throwing a premade supper on the fire or in the oven.


Pack Smart

When you’re packing for your winter glamping trip and deciding what to bring, make sure your clothing is cold weather suited. You may have a cozy bed to come back to with some of our accommodations boasting indoor fireplaces to help keep you warm, but you need to dress properly for the season and warm clothing is a must. Layers are your friend in the winter with insulating layers working into breathable layers. Wear a hat to keep your head warm and make sure you’ve got lots of pairs of socks to layer or fuzzy socks for lounging. Your core, head and feet are what you need to keep warm to ensure your body stays regulated. You’ll want to hang up any wet or sweaty clothing to dry out before you wear it again.


If you love the outdoors in any kind of climate, we highly recommend you give winter glamping a try! We have some pretty spectacular winters in Southern Alberta and Castle Provincial Park is a perfect place to witness it. Our Saskatchewan Landing location is open until mid-September and you can visit our Buffalo Pound Lake location up until October, should the weather allow. 

Book early to ensure you get a chance to experience winter glamping firsthand!