A Beginner’s Guide To Glamping

A Beginner’s Guide To Glamping - Glamping Resorts - Featured Image

Toss out what you know about camping because glamping is a much more comfortable and stylish way to experience the great outdoors. It’s continued to rise in popularity as we tend to share our experiences on social media and these glamping experiences are often the perfect backdrop for your social media feeds. Glamping is the ideal combination of luxury and the majesty of nature. Here’s our beginner’s guide on how you can have your best glamping adventure with us!


What the Heck is Glamping?

It’s a funny word, but it’s actually a blend of camping and glamour! Glamping is the opportunity to be out in the quiet of nature without having to sacrifice modern comforts, such as a full bathroom and kitchen and other items that make your stay that much more enjoyable. You’ll still have the wilderness just outside your doorstep, but you’ll be falling asleep on a cozy mattress with air conditioning and a coffee pot set to brew for when you wake up in the morning. Typically, glamping sites are permanent or semi-permanent and are often much more spacious than traditional camping tents, though it’s not just tents that you’ll find on a glamping resort site. Yurts, domes, intrepid tents, cabins and even treehouses are the basis of a glamping experience, but glamping just means a luxurious stay out in nature with the comfort of amenities. 


We’ve Got the Spot, You Just Bring The Essentials 

We’ve got you covered on the comfort front, but don’t forget the essential items when you’re packing for your glamping getaway. This includes food and beverage items, toiletries, your favourite forms of entertainment and perhaps your favourite pillow too. Of course, we’ll have pillows and all the linens ready for you, but we understand that your own pillow is the way to a great night’s sleep! It’s as easy as making the reservation and preparing for your luxurious nature escape!


Cook for the Taste of it

Just because you’re out in the woods or in the mountains doesn’t mean you have to make hotdogs over and over again. When you’re glamping, you often have access to full kitchens or kitchenettes, BBQs and of course a campfire, all of which are perfect places to prepare your most gourmet meals. Part of what’s nice about glamping is you can make those really tasty dinners without skimping on the refinement of good food. Make yourself that three-course meal and even make dessert! Get creative and enjoy your favourite meals outside!


Glamping is much more convenient than traditional camping, for those looking to immerse themselves in the quiet of the outdoors while still having access to a functioning toilet and kitchen. It’s about comfortability while you recharge with the open sky and the trees. If you’ve never tried glamping, we’ve got some terrific places you can try it for yourself, including our newest location opening soon, Castle Provincial Park! Be sure to check out the gorgeous accommodations we have available