5 Reasons Glamping or Camping can be Good for Your Mental Well Being

5 Reasons Glamping or Camping can be Good for Your Mental Well Being - Glamping Resorts - Featured Image

When we’re constantly surrounded by the hustle and bustle of city life, such as taking the kids to countless lessons and practices or our own extracurricular activities, we forget how much we need a bit of nature to recharge ourselves. We all know fresh air in the heart of the wilderness is good for our bodies and our well-being. Here are 5 other reasons why glamping and camping are such good ways to boost your mental well-being!


  • Nature is Nurturing. In the concrete, glass and metal of the cities, we don’t get a chance to really just be still and quiet with the earth around us. There are plenty of scientific studies with evidence of how spending time in the mountains, forests and near lakes and rivers can have a big impact on our mental health in very positive ways. We need a connection to nature to mute the flight or fight response that can be caused by the stress of loud, disruptive city life. So spend time with the trees, it’s good for you!

  • Taking A Break From Being Connected. With the constant and addicting urge to spend all our time scrolling and looking for those hits of dopamine through our phones, the tranquillity and quiet of a camping or glamping adventure might just be what you need to properly unplug from social media. Our kids are particularly susceptible to too much screen time with everything at our fingertips and spending time in the wild outdoors can be an important way for us to reconnect with the earth beneath our feet. Studies show that our brains need exposure to nature and sunshine to boost serotonin levels and being disconnected from the internet does wonders for that as well. 

  • Relationship Building. The best part about glamping is the time spent with the friends or family who have come along with you. No distractions and a chance to sit by the fire as late as you like offer the perfect environment for you to really converse with your partner, your kids, your parents, or your best friends. Humans crave connection and what better way to connect with your sweetheart than in the beauty of the great outdoors?

  • Glamping and Camping can Help Reset our Circadian Rhythms. Everyday life comes with a ton of demands and we can sometimes put sleep as a low-priority item by staying up to meet deadlines and then getting up early for the morning shift. Sleep is an essential part of maintaining good mental health and time away from the modern world in our more natural and wild habitat can help us get back into healthier sleeping patterns. Waking up with the light and in the wilderness can encourage and reset our circadian rhythm, which dictates how well we sleep to restore our energy levels. Naps are also encouraged in our comfy accommodations!

  • Nature Simply Makes Us Happy. The fresh air, the exercise and just the experience of being outside is proven to improve our moods, decrease stress levels and allow us to connect with ourselves and the world around us. While it’s not a cure for mental health-related issues, being outside can greatly improve physical and mental well-being in big ways that can lead to bettering our well-being for the future. 


Spend time with us outdoors to help boost your mental well-being and book a stay at one of our several Glamping Resorts. You don’t have to trade the awe-inspiring power of nature for comfort and we can promise a serene and luxurious stay in any of our gorgeous glamping accommodations. Don’t miss out as our availability is limited!