What your Kids will Love about the Glamping Sites

What your Kids will Love about the Glamping Sites
Kids and adults alike tend to crave adventure and you can find a whole bunch of that at our glamping locations across Alberta and Saskatchewan! A picturesque mountain view, incredible rolling prairie hills or a gorgeous expanse of lake is what you can look forward to waking up to at one of our three glamping locations. If you’ve been looking for an excuse to get outdoors, this might be your sign to join us with your family for your very own glamping experience! Here’s what your kids will love about our Glamping sites!

Take a Hike

There are tons of activities at every one of our locations, but something they all have in common is incredible hiking trails. There’s nothing quite like the view of nature after a hike to get you there! Choose the difficulty and length of your hike with All Trails trail guides and you can find biking, dog-friendly, wheelchair-accessible and running trails on the website too! A fantastic activity to do while on the trail is filling out a bingo card with the local flora and fauna!


Bingo cards and scavenger hunts to find out what plants and animals live in the area is educational and exciting! Bird watching is a very popular pastime, particularly at Sask Landing where you can find over 215 different species of birds. Investigate what species live in the glamping location you’re headed to with this handy list you can customize to the area. A great activity for everyone is painting the birds you’re watching! It’s not necessary to be good at painting, just that you’re wanting to have fun! Bring some watercolours and interpret through your own artistic lens.

Water Activities

All our glamping sites are situated near the water and you can imagine that water activities are quite popular. From sailing to sandcastle making, the water offers so many opportunities to keep you occupied. Here’s what else you can do in the water:
  • Boating (rentals are available in Sask Landing)
  • Fishing
  • Canoeing
  • Swimming (please be aware lifeguards are not on duty and to swim accordingly)
  • Paddleboarding
  • Kayaking 

Quality Time

No matter what your kids will be up to while glamping, they’ll be with you. Some of the best memories are made just by being together and when you’re out in the backwoods without technology or the hubbub of everyday life, they get 100% of you. The best parts of glamping can be the time spent together adventuring, making meals, telling stories, playing games or just being in each other’s company. 

Take your Kids Glamping

Soaking in the last summer days in the great outdoors is what draws so many families to our locations time after time. Having the chance to disconnect and get back to being together as a family can be healing and rejuvenating. There’s plenty to do at our glamping locations, but sometimes all you need is a good book out on the beach. Your kids will love glamping and so will you! Check out our three gorgeous locations and book with us today!