Castle Provincial Park in Alberta: What to Do During Your Visit

castle provincial park alberta

Nestled in the breathtaking landscapes of southern Alberta, Castle Provincial Park forms a sanctuary for nature lovers, adventure seekers, and those seeking solitude away from the crowds. This park and its sister, Castle Wildland Provincial Park, boast a combined 105,500 hectares of pristine wilderness, protecting vital wildlife corridors, watersheds, and sacred lands for local First Nations groups. In this guide, we’ll go over everything you need to know about what to do in Castle Provincial Park.


Getting There

You may be wondering where Castle Provincial Park is. Accessible from Montana to the south and a scenic three-hour drive from Calgary to the northeast, this park is well worth the drive. When you decide to visit, ensure you’re well prepared for bear country by bringing bear spray and knowing how to use it.


Camping Options

The park offers a range of camping experiences, from front-country campgrounds to backcountry and designated free camping areas. Four front-country campgrounds, including Beaver Mines Lake, Lynx Creek, Castle Falls, and Castle River Bridge, all provide unique experiences and cater to different preferences. 

Beaver Mines Lake

Beaver Mines Lake, located just a 2-minute drive across the lake from our resort location, provides excellent fishing, paddling, and access to Table Mountain’s trailhead, for those looking to stay active and busy during the day.

Lynx Creek Campground

For those seeking more seclusion, Lynx Creek offers a first-come, first-serve experience with 27 campsites in a tranquil setting. Additionally, designated free camping areas with stunning views are available, providing a primitive experience with no amenities.

Castle Falls

Castle Falls, though incredibly scenic, may not be the best choice for light sleepers due to the crashing sounds of the falls. Surrounded by open, mixed forest along the Castle River, swimming, and fishing are some go-to activities.

Castle River Bridge

A prime spot for fishing, Castle River Bridge offers some amenities that other campgrounds, such as Lynk Creek, don’t. With tap water, pit toilets, and power, Castle River is great for families.


Back Country and Comfort Camping

Adventure enthusiasts can explore endless backcountry camping sites in Castle Wildland Provincial Park, offering a true wilderness experience. Backcountry camping is allowed a kilometre or more away from any services, providing an opportunity to connect with nature. If you prefer comfort over tents, our beautiful glamping location on the shores of Beaver Mines Lake offers canvas cabins, glamping domes, and premium cabins!



Activities in the Park:


Hiking in Castle Provincial Park, a part of the international Crown of the Continent region, is an ever-popular choice for visitors. A haven for outdoor activities, the Park is home to countless trails and adventures. The Table Mountain hike, a challenging 8.5km ascent with a rewarding summit, offers panoramic views of the prairies and peaks of southern Alberta. Hiking maps for Castle Provincial Park are available at the Alberta Parks Website.


The park is also developing 23 multi-use trails for hikers, mountain bikers, and equestrians. While some are already accessible, the trail network is continuously improving, promising diverse experiences for outdoor enthusiasts.


Fishing is permitted from June 16th to October 31st, which also happens to line up with the best weather Castle Provincial Park offers. Anglers are required to have an Alberta fishing license. Some notable fishing spots include Beaver Mines Lake and Castle River.


What Are You Waiting For?

Castle Provincial Park stands as a testament to Alberta’s commitment to preserving its natural treasures. Whether you’re seeking the adrenaline rush of a challenging hike, the tranquillity of backcountry camping, or the comfort of a luxurious glamping experience, this park offers a diverse range of experiences. As you explore this relatively unknown gem, remember to respect the land and revel in the beauty of Castle Provincial Park. Contact us today to get your next adventure started!