Campfire Apple Crisp Foil Packets – Easy Recipe

campfire apple crisp

After a wonderful day in the great outdoors, surrounded by the beauty of nature, the day has turned to dusk, the fire-roasted hotdogs have all but disappeared, and it’s time for dessert. As the evening chill sets in, you crave a warm, comforting treat. Campfire apple crisp foil packets are a classic dish, and for […]

Pet-Friendly Glamping in Alberta

pet-friendly glamping

Getting out of the city and spending time in the serenity of nature is not only relaxing and fulfilling for us, but our pets love it too! When it’s time to plan a getaway, it’s only natural to want to include your pet(s) in the adventure. Glamping has never been more readily available throughout Canada, […]

Romantic Picnic Places Near You!

Romantic Picnic Places

If you live in Alberta or Saskatchewan, you’ve likely gone for a picnic with your friends or family at least once or twice. Picnics are a chance to connect and enjoy some delicious food with good company and sometimes they can be a little romantic too. The special thing about picnics is they’re the perfect […]

Camp Games to Try With Your Friends

Camp games

Trekking out into the wilderness for some quality time with your friends and their families leaves plenty of opportunity for all kinds of outdoor activities and camp games! No matter how many people you have, there’s a game that requires zero to minimal equipment for your situation. Before you go for a glamping or a […]

What your Kids will Love about the Glamping Sites

What your Kids will Love about the Glamping Sites

Kids and adults alike tend to crave adventure and you can find a whole bunch of that at our glamping locations across Alberta and Saskatchewan! A picturesque mountain view, incredible rolling prairie hills or a gorgeous expanse of lake is what you can look forward to waking up to at one of our three glamping […]

Activities around Saskatchewan Landing

Activities around Saskatchewan Landing

Saskatchewan Landing Provincial Park is situated on Lake Diefenbaker and is a must-see for those that love the outdoors. Full of trails and activities for the whole family, Saskatchewan Landing provides an oasis amongst rolling hills and brilliant skies. There’s plenty to do here for families, solo travellers and couples. Here’s what you need to […]

Health Benefits of Glamping Before Back to School Season

Health Benefits of Glamping

As we gear up to send our kids back into the classrooms, giving them that last chance to get out their energy and excitement in the great outdoors can help get their little minds ready to learn. What better way to do that than in a comfortable glamping accommodation with the Alberta or Saskatchewan wilds […]

Campfire Recipes

Campfire Recipes

Running away from the city to enjoy the great outdoors is an excellent way to unwind and connect back to nature, but one of the best parts of camping can be cooking over an open fire. Though it may sound intimidating, campfire recipes can be prepared with simple ingredients, easy recipes and still taste delicious! […]

Activities Around Castle Provincial Park

Activities Around Castle Provincial Park

One of the newest additions to Alberta’s Provincial Parks, Castle Provincial Park was established in 2017 and is home to some incredible rugged views, thick forest, rolling foothills, clean mountain lakes and rivers and secluded meadows full of wildflowers. It’s much more wild, raw and serene here as opposed to the more heavily touristed parks […]

5 Things to Do that Don’t Include Your Phone

Things to Do that Don’t Include Your Phone

Heading out for a glamping adventure is a wonderful way to unwind and relax while immersed in nature and in some cases, glamping locations have access to wifi and streaming services. But what if you tried an outdoorsy getaway without spending time connected to the internet? You might find yourself connecting with nature or with […]